Parts of Computer
Parts of Computer


HARDWARE:- The physical parts of computer that can be touch are could as hardware.
Ex- Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Printer, CPU etc.
     Mainly two types of hardware

( i ) External Hardware:- The hardware that are kept outside of the system and used could as external hardware.
Ex:- Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Monitor etc.

( ii ) Internal Hardware:- The in bust combination of the computer are could as internal hardware.
  Ex- Ram, Mother board, Hard disk etc.


 Software:- A set of program that is developed to program a particular task is could alwage an electronic program. Software is used to operate hardware it work like a brand for a hardware
        Mainly two types of software
Combination of computer

( i ) System Software:- Such type of software are automatically install along with on operating system which is self a system software.
Ex- Calculator, Paint, Notepad, Media player etc.

( ii ) Application Software:- Such type of software are not that install along with operating system these are installed additionally according to the need.
Ex- Tally, MS – Office, VLC Player, Photoshop, corelDRAW etc.

NOTE:- Another type of software also enlist. It is known as utilize software as the home suggest it automatically utilize the elements of the system for proper function.
Ex- Antivirus, sound, Program, VGA etc.

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