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OUTPUT DEVICE:- The device to through which output is provided in the from of either soft copy or hard copy are could as output device. You can make a hard copy of any information shown on your monitor, which is another example of the output device.
          Some common output device are as follow

  v  VDU
  v  Printer
  v  Speaker
  v  Plotter

  v  VDU :- is an acronym for ( Visual Display Unit ) it is commonly said as monitor It is the system It provided the output in the from of soft copy. It looks like a TV
         Mainly three type of monitor

( i )   CTR ( Cathode Ray Tube )
( ii )  LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display )
( iii ) LED ( Light Emitting Diodes )

According to their graphs monitors are mainly of two types.
( a ) Monochrome ( a ) Colored

  v  Speaker:- It is such type of output device that used to provide the output of sound or voice.

  v  Printer:- It is used to provide the print of the output in the form of hard copy. Mainly two type of printer

                ( i ) Impact Printers- They strike paper and ribbon together to form a character. These are oldest and noisy printers.

                Types of impact printer are:
·         Dot Matrix Printer
·         Daisy Wheel Printer
·         Line Printer
·         Drum Printer
·         Chain Printer

                ( i ) Impact Printers- These printers use electrostatic chemicals and ink-jet technology. They produce high quality documents and are widely used

                Type of Non-Impact printer are:
·         Inkjet Printer
·         Laser Printer
·         Thermal Printer

  v  Plotter:-It is other from of printer it is used to only for business purpose it is used to printer bigger output which could be maps of building  etc.


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